Future works comming soon…

  1. Add nativce terminal on the Windows, Linux, Macos and Solaris.
  2. Add user register function.
  3. Add hot swap mechanism.
  4. Add open corpus service loader.
  5. Add open aciton service loader.
  6. Add when statement and cron service.
  7. Add script batch funtion.
  8. Add script transaction function.
  9. Add certificate share mechanism.
  10. Add script formater, script vailded, scipt helper, script demo, script debugger and script performance analyze.
  11. Add bridge adapter for SQL user, Elastic search user, NoSQL user.
  12. Add bridge adapter for Google Tensorflow.
  13. Add Csharp & Cpp support.

0.0.2 release on Feb 1, 2019

  1. Support full research information system format(.RIS) specification.
  2. The desktop client is based on the Apache Netbeans Platform.
  3. Support internationalization for English(Locale.US) and Chinese(Locale.China).
  4. Add loading splash.

0.0.1 release on Jan 25, 2019

  1. Publish to the world!