1 Do well sell the corpus service?

The Quicktext Query Language is a domain-specific language oriented to the corpus processing. It includes the Corpus Definition Language (CDL), the Corpus Manipulation Language (CML), the Corpus Control Language (CCL), the Corpus Query Language (CQL), and the Corpus Visualization Language (CVL).

1 Do well sell the corpus service?

No, we don’t, but you can find the provider from the corpus list!

Maybe you misunderstand our position.

Quickcorpus is just like the Oracle database in the position, using for the corpus storage.

Quicktext Query Language is just similar to the SQL in the position, using for programming.

Quicktext Query Language Terminal is similar to the Matlab in the position, using for analyzing the data.

We don’t sell corpuses; however, you can buy the corpus from our partners if you need.

2 Can I download the corpus free via the Quicktext Query Language Terminal?

Sorry, we don’t know the price!

Whether free or not is according to the corpus service provider.

We just provide a corpus market similar to the Apple App Store or Google market.

We are not a content provider while we are only a programming language provider.

We just provide a corpus query language called the QQL and a corpus query language server called Quickcorpus.

Any developer can register a development license, then publish their corpus to the corpus market.

The price of the corpus is determined by the corpus provider, not by us!

We don’t have and don’t storage the oriented corpus.

When a user request a corpus, he or she will connect the valid corpus provider directly by the QQL Terminate.

We just validate the license of the legal, we don’t validate the content of the corpus.