Install Quicktext Program

QQ Browser Download:

1) Click to Downloadthe Quicktext Release .crx File.

2) Input in the address:qqbrowser://extensions/index, this address is the home page of QQ Browser Application Center.

3) As shown on the right:

4) Drag and drop the newly downloaded .crx file to the Extension Plug-in page.

5) Click on Confirm to install. The installation process usually does not exceed 30 seconds.

6) After installation, you can click "Login" to login, and the community version login account can directly click registration link . The commercial edition needs the unified authorization of the organization.

7) Click oAuth unified login authorization.

8) Control panel after successful login. You can directly click "Enter the Disk" to view the downloaded documents, or click "Test Connection" to test Open Access papers.

9) Click "Test Connection" to see the suspension button on the right side of the browser, representing "View the Full Text PDF" and "Save the Full Text PDF" Access's full-text PDF is stored on the network disk. If the button is grey, indicating that this document is not open authorized literature and the IP of the scientific research institute is not authorized, the program does not support reading. If the button is green, it means it can be downloaded and stored. The process of judging authorization requests remote access, and generally returns the result within 30 to 90 seconds (depending on the bandwidth of the organization).

10) After clicking on the PDF, you can view it locally. This process is not like uploading files on the server side.

11) After clicking to save PDF, the download will start "offline download" in the background. The download will automatically download the paper to the network disk in the background. After popping up "download prompt", the browser can be closed. This process is asynchronous operation.

12) In the Downloads folder of the disk, you can see the PDF papers that have been downloaded offline, and more operations are supported on the disk. In addition, in order to protect users'privacy and copyright, users are allowed to cancel accounts and empty data.